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Captain America & Iron Man

For the Love of Fic

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Created on 2009-05-01 15:49:45 (#174911), last updated 2014-04-26 (178 weeks ago)

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Name:Captain America/Iron Man FIC ONLY
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A Community for FIC&ART ONLY. NO DISCUSSIONS. NO WANK.
This is a place for fanfic and fanart worship. We love art, we love fic, so here, we worship them and them alone.


1 - You may post any and all pairings related to Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, so long as ONE OF THEM is in the fic. So, Steve/Sam or Steve/Bucky or Tony/Rhodey or Tony/Henry Hellrung is totally all right.

2 - The only thing allowed posted is fic and art.

3 - You try and post something that's not fic, or tag something onto fic that is not fic (or art) and that part will get snipped out once brought to my attention. No adding comm ads when posting fic. [You can, however, say this fic is also crossposted to x-y-z]

4 - You start wank in the comments of a fic or art, do anything to detract from the worship of art and fic, and I will ban you.

We are here to love fic, love art, and be happy. Please, do not start wank and destroy the ambiance of the community.
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